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your show and lyrycsÚ = THE BEST HIP HOP ON THE WORLD

2005-12-18 09:10:38  Comment 
 KOHOUT WOE  ┬░7295

KAG (SJ)  Male

So dirty that ODB
Even in death he is the world to me

2005-12-18 01:20:21  Comment 
 KAG  Trash 
 KAG  ┬░7294

Dahleet (Port City)  Male  Homepage

Props to a great man and a meaningful hearttouching life... much love old friend

2005-12-18 00:29:00  Comment 
 Dahleet  Trash 
 Dahleet  ┬░7293

ZuraCel (VA)  Male

Man even close to 2006 his death is still a shock...
The Clan honors him by still dropping music.
RIP Ol Dirty

2005-12-16 23:38:34  Comment 
 ZuraCel  Trash 
 ZuraCel  ┬░7292



2005-12-15 09:35:55  Comment 
 LI  Trash 
 LI  ┬░7291

THE CHOSEN 1 (chicago)  Female

ODB, I am a big fan of yours and always will be. As I listened to your music and watched you on t.v. i've come to discover that GOD had great plans for you and you fulfilled them in many ways that the natural being would not understand. Our LORD and SAVIOR felt as though you did all you can do here ,so now it's time to move on. everyone out there ,please pray for his soul and his families' well being. may GOD grant peace on your spirit and acccept my prayers regarding any repenting that you didn't do for yourself. May the HOLY SPIRIT be with you especially on judgment day.

2005-12-05 03:05:35  Comment 
 THE CHOSEN 1  Trash 
 THE CHOSEN 1  ┬░7290

Pale-face ninjah (south africa,cape town)  Male  Email

huge loss to the world of rap,O.D.B your music has enlightened myself and many more in south are greatly missed. peace God

2005-12-03 22:29:33  Comment 
 Pale-face ninjah  Trash 
 Pale-face ninjah  ┬░7289

Un-insane (Wva.)  Male

Why are the greatest dead? I guarantee that O.D.B would be making some good music if he was alive...
R.I.P. to O.D.B.
Wu-tang forever

2005-12-02 01:41:26  Comment 
 Un-insane  Trash 
 Un-insane  ┬░7288

Edditude (Osijek,Croatia)  Male  Email

You'll be 4ever in my heart!Thank you for everything!
Rest In Peace Brother!
Wu-Tang Clan Forever!
ODB hvala ti na svemu,počivaj u miru!

2005-11-29 22:56:20  Comment 
 Edditude  Trash 
 Edditude  ┬░7287

Al Harris (RichmondVA)  Male

R.I.P. 2 the dude who made the wu-tang's sound even more unique- ODB. Why u gotta go like that?

2005-11-27 23:02:19  Comment 
 Al Harris  Trash 
 Al Harris  ┬░7285

Nobaddaze (san diego)  Male  Email


2005-11-22 17:56:04  Comment 
 Nobaddaze  Trash 
 Nobaddaze  ┬░7284

no name (poland)  Male  Email

PDB forewer

2005-11-22 17:24:32  Comment 
 no name  Trash 
 no name  ┬░7283


Ich k÷nnt immer noch heulen wenn ich dran denke!

R. I. P. O. D. B.

2005-11-22 16:56:37  Comment 
 LORD!  Trash 
 LORD!  ┬░7282

Asskicker (Greece)  Male  Email  Homepage

Big Baby Jesus

2005-11-18 12:51:50  Comment 
 Asskicker  Trash 
 Asskicker  ┬░7281

EZA The O.G. (ROMANIA)  Male

R.I.P. to ODB

2005-11-12 22:12:51  Comment 
 EZA The O.G.  Trash 
 EZA The O.G.  ┬░7280

K-M4n (Dortmund City (GER))  Email

are there better mc`s alive than Unique Ason, Big L or Notorious ???
No this 3 dead guys were the best,
this days are counted with good rap shit with killa flows !

Fuck the Rap /RnB Scenario !!!

RIP Dirt !!!

2005-11-12 18:17:02  Comment 
 K-M4n  Trash 
 K-M4n  ┬░7279

stark (los angeles ca)  Female

thank you for all you gave. sad it had to include your life.

jesus, i'm rolling wit you

2005-11-07 09:15:08  Comment 
 stark  Trash 
 stark  ┬░7278

Gangsta (Herrr)  Male  Email 

its a god damn shame! :( R.I.P. dogg!

2005-11-06 15:21:31  Comment 
 Gangsta  Trash 
 Gangsta  ┬░7277

miso (svk)  Male

navzdy v mojom srdci R.I.P

2005-11-06 10:53:35  Comment 
 miso  Trash 
 miso  ┬░7276

Fazzy Fresh (England)  Female  Email

YO Mr Jones...You will always be my favourite Wu member...Youre a dirrrrty dogg and I love you! Rapping to your shit makes me so happy!! Zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! xx

2005-11-03 15:14:58  Comment 
 Fazzy Fresh  Trash 
 Fazzy Fresh  ┬░7275

Michael Fuchsloch (Bad Buchau Germany)  Male  Email

jo Dirt u┤r the greatest and i will never forget u.
u will always be in my heart WU-TANG FOREVER

2005-11-02 13:18:19  Comment 
 Michael Fuchsloch  Trash 
 Michael Fuchsloch  ┬░7274

Nice-P (germany\heidelberg)  Male

youre lyrics are so inspiration for other peoplez R.I.P. Dirt Mc-Girt

2005-10-31 15:42:18  Comment 
 Nice-P  Trash 
 Nice-P  ┬░7273

joe (uk)  Male

Never for get

2005-10-27 11:46:33  Comment 
 joe  Trash 
 joe  ┬░7272

dwayne b (Holbrooks, Coventry, England)  Male  Email  Homepage

it's a damn shame that the funniest, craziest menber of the wu-tang clan is gone. you will never b forgotten, you are one of the greatest rappers of all time. R.I.P

2005-10-27 08:58:02  Comment 
 dwayne b  Trash 
 dwayne b  ┬░7271

Jamal (Tunisia)  Male  Email

Man! I still don't understand why the truth of ya death iz real.. shit iz happen! Rest In Peace

2005-10-24 21:34:10  Comment 
 Jamal  Trash 
 Jamal  ┬░7270

Ally (edinburgh)  Male  Email

tha world wont be tha same witout u, u were tha greatest personality in tha whole music industry there wil neva b anuva OL DIRTY BASTARD.

2005-10-21 18:50:14  Comment 
 Ally  Trash 
 Ally  ┬░7269

carlos (england south london)  Male  Email

rip dirty dog big shout out to the wu and all the clans and i hope music stays alive. FUCK 50 CENT AND G UNIT

2005-10-21 15:26:54  Comment 
 carlos  Trash 
 carlos  ┬░7268

Kotaszcz (Poland)  Male  Email

Spoczywaj w (s)pokoju ... to co po tobie zostanie to te słowa ... niesmiertelna nawijka - hold dla ODB

2005-10-18 17:44:37  Comment 
 Kotaszcz  Trash 
 Kotaszcz  ┬░7267

tha 36 chambers (Staten island)  Male

Rest in pa$e O.D.B i will never forget you

2005-10-17 19:02:24  Comment 
 tha 36 chambers  Trash 
 tha 36 chambers  ┬░7266

KayJay (UK)

Sux ur gone man. The Wu shon bright with you on the mic. Peace wherever you are.

2005-10-16 20:12:34  Comment 
 KayJay  Trash 
 KayJay  ┬░7265

kartik wali (auckland, nz)  Male  Email

from bombay, india to auckland new zealand, r.i.p odb

2005-10-14 06:58:01  Comment 
 kartik wali  Trash 
 kartik wali  ┬░7264

missu  Female

rip odb, miss u. croatia

2005-10-12 19:38:19  Comment 
 missu  Trash 
 missu  ┬░7263

oldirtyassassin (texas)  Male  Email

ODB was the greatest rapper around he lived the life of a crazy mother fucker until the day he died, rest in peace my nuh...

2005-10-05 18:12:14  Comment 
 oldirtyassassin  Trash 
 oldirtyassassin  ┬░7262


"...wars come and go, but my soldires would remain eternal..."

R.I.P. to Russel Jones, from me and my whole crew.

O.D.B. the man, the myth, the legend

2005-10-04 14:28:36  Comment 
 DON_MEGA1004  Trash 
 DON_MEGA1004  ┬░7261

wu girl (Scarborough)  Female  Email  Homepage

RIP ODB. I'll always miss your crazy ass.

2005-10-01 23:24:15  Comment 
 wu girl  Trash 
 wu girl  ┬░7260

Peedicrack (France)  Male  Email 
 petitgraindemais@yahoo.FR  Homepage

Odb ... Big Baby Jesus .. tu me manque mon gars
T'Útais unique ds le monde du rap

Ma jeunesse avec le Wu et tu es parti trop t˘t mais personne ne pouvais l'empecher

Vive ODB ! le seul l'unique le grand O D B
A tout jamais tu vivra Ó travers moi je t'oubli pas

Peace my brother ... R I P

2005-09-27 21:07:29  Comment 
 Peedicrack  Trash 
 Peedicrack  ┬░7258

dj ekonomy pak (east beckley)  Male  Homepage

damn it dirty.....i miss your ass ....see you when i get there........always, your boy, jason

2005-09-27 19:44:20  Comment 
 dj ekonomy pak  Trash 
 dj ekonomy pak  ┬░7257

martin (LATVIA)  Male  Email

we love it u ODB.........R.I.P my nigga

2005-09-24 11:55:22  Comment 
 martin (LATVIA)  Trash 
 martin (LATVIA)  ┬░7256

Oliver Charles  Male

R.I.P - I don't know much about his music but Wu-Tang are solid, so he's significant enough.

2005-09-19 16:44:05  Comment 
 Oliver Charles  Trash 
 Oliver Charles  ┬░7255

MC Cherrytwist (Montreal)  Male

Any nigga that dies with a double wrapped bag of cocaine in his stomach is a legend. R.I.P ODB FOR SAVING THAT 4 YEAR OLD GIRL AND FOR SPITTING THE DIRT

R.I.P Ol' Dirty Bastard, Big Baby Jesus, Ason Unique

2005-09-16 23:15:58  Comment 
 MC Cherrytwist  Trash 
 MC Cherrytwist  ┬░7254

odibi (Montreuil (France))  Male  Email

le plus grand, le plus dur est parti.
Mais il restera toujours ici.
R.I.P. odb

2005-09-12 21:16:15  Comment 
 odibi  Trash 
 odibi  ┬░7253

sam (England)  Male


2005-09-09 15:21:16  Comment 
 sam  Trash 
 sam  ┬░7252

Anonymous  Male  Homepage

O.D.B. i jus seen disciples of the 36 chambers chapter 2, and you looked ill in that.

Fuck i felt well bad for you, R.I.P. and spit fiire up there in heaven dun!


Wu-Tang 4EVER!!!!

2005-09-08 15:08:51  Comment 
 Anonymous  Trash 
 Anonymous  ┬░7251

duke cash (logan)  Male

odb my nigga kept it real......damn ima drink a fody and dunp one out fo odb and smoke a fat ass blunt peace nigga

2005-09-06 00:10:02  Comment 
 duke cash  Trash 
 duke cash  ┬░7250

even (norway)  Email

ol`dirty (R.I.P) was the graitest rapper ever.. he didd the wu clan that famus. and the wu is the most known old school hadrcore group hwo the world have seen..

2005-09-05 21:25:28  Comment 
 even  Trash 
 even  ┬░7249

deno (bosnia)

a son unique.. we need more people like u odb but there is only one and will forever be! i love u.. rest in peace boy

2005-08-26 16:36:45  Comment 
 deno  Trash 
 deno  ┬░7247

KeyPass (Italy)  Male


2005-08-26 03:41:14  Comment 
 KeyPass  Trash 
 KeyPass  ┬░7246

Ismail (Russia)  Male  Email

O.D.B. был одним из таланm рэперl в клане и очень хорошl и прикоl чувакl Я много про него читал: и про спасеl девовm про его 12 детей и т.д. Мне он нравиl большk всех!
Rest In Pease Ol' Dirty Bastard!!! Мы тебя помниl

2005-08-25 16:39:50  Comment 
 Ismail  Trash 
 Ismail  ┬░7245

Luis Alberto Naveda (South America)  Male  Email

I guess he wasnt perfect,and none human being is. Even so people might talk shit about him, i respect him and i dont care what he did. He was one of the greatest talents of rap. For me he is a hero, and yes I think him and Wu-Tang Clan is for the children. Today with his death a legend is born, The Old Dirty Bastard! Until I go forever his wonderfull and explosive lyrics full of adrenaline. He died but his music is immortal! ODB for life.....

2005-08-24 08:11:53  Comment 
 Luis Alberto Naveda  Trash 
 Luis Alberto Naveda  ┬░7244

archa (sda)  Male  Email

odb you was somthing bigga than just a rapper 4 me and all my dogs in Latvia!!! Rest in peace dog! you are dead but you rap will live! and i hope it will live 4ever..........

2005-08-24 06:48:02  Comment 
 archa  Trash 
 archa  ┬░7243

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